Enhanced research tools

  • Full-text searchable across the resource and within the image viewer
  • Enhanced indexing, with metadata fields formulated in consultation with academics, to allow filtering by:
    • Date
    • Subject Countries
    • Themes
    • Document Types
    • Languages
  • Enhanced indexing allows Advanced Search by:
    • Reference
    • Title
    • Former Foreign Office Reference
    • Key Events
    • Keywords
    • People
    • Countries
  • User-generated keywords
  • Easily trace connections across documents by clicking on any free-text field entry in the metadata, and discovering all other content in the resource indexed with the same metadata tag.
  • Browse the collections through related and popular searches
  • Save your searches and documents using the "My Archive" feature

Teaching resources

  • Five specially-commissioned subject essays, written by members of the Editorial Board.
  • A timeline of key events between 1953 and 1966 documented in the files.
  • A glossary of key people, including state leaders, leading statesmen, and East European and U.K. diplomatic personnel, with hyperlinks to relevant search results.
  • A "Communist States Fact File" that includes glossaries of communist state names, governing parties, key organisations, and state leadership positions.
  • A "Foreign Office Fact File" that includes a glossary of relevant Foreign Office political departments and an overview of the U.K.’s embassy and consulate network in Eastern Europe.
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