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Central (C): Germany (CG). Temporary Travel Documents for Citizens of GDR
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Education
Northern (N): General (N). Warsaw Pact Meetings
Western (W): Germany (WG). Internal Political Situation in Berlin: Application of Treaties
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Achievements in Science and Technology by Soviet Union
Western (W): Germany (WG). Refugees from Soviet zone of Germany
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Agriculture in Soviet Union
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Visit to UK by Mr Bulganin and Mr Khrushchev from Soviet Union
Western (W): Germany (WG). French Proposals for an Approach to Soviet Union about Four-Power Talks on Germany: German Reunification
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Scientific Progress in Soviet Union
Soviet Union: Katchenko Affair
Soviet Union: Political Relations Between Soviet Union and China
Soviet Union: Political Relations Between Soviet Union and USA
Soviet Union: Political Relations Between Soviet Union and UK
Eastern European and Soviet Department: Policy of UK Towards Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Western (R): Germany (RG). GDR Application for Membership of UN
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Inland Transport
Western (R): Germany (RG). FRG-GDR Political Relations
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Armed Forces
Northern (N): General (N). Sino-Soviet Dispute
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Economy
Western (R): Germany (RG). Emergency Legislation
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Revision of Budget
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Foreign Policy
Northern (N): General (N). Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA)
NORTHERN (N): General (N). Warsaw Pact meeting, Bucharest 4-6 July
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). War Crimes
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Gerald Brooke: Imprisonment
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Nato Expert Working Group on Soviet Policy
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Communist Policy and Tactics
Western (R): Germany (RG). Berlin and FRG
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Political Relations: Pakistan
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Internal Political Situation
Northern (N): Yugoslavia (NU). Political Relations: Soviet Union
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Broadcasting
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Economy
Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Internal Political Situation
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