Reference FO 371/154032
Title Western (W): Germany (WG). Status of Berlin as Meeting Place for Bundestag
Former Foreign Office Reference Code WG file 10122 (pp 20 to end)
The National Archives Closure Status File was closed for 30 years after creation, under the Public Records Act 1958.
Themes International Relations
Document Types Correspondence
Subject Countries Berlin
Countries East Germany, France, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, United States of America, West Germany
People Eugen Gerstenmaier, Franz Amrehn, Nikita Khrushchev, Willy Brandt
Key Events U-2 incident, Berlin Crisis
Language German
Notes The following article has been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Die Welt, August 1960, Gerstenmaier: Es ist zuviel geredet worden.


A file of correspondence concerning meetings of the West German Bundestag in Berlin. Subjects covered in the file include Soviet opposition to the yearly meetings, which have been held since 1955; and Soviet claims that they will negotiate a separate peace treaty with East Germany should a further meeting take place. Further correspondence discusses the opposing opinions of the Allied forces on the meetings; the opinions of West German politicians; and a suggestion that Soviet and East German opposition to the meetings may be the result of the diplomatic dispute following the U-2 spy plane incident. The file also covers the views of the West Berlin mayor, Willy Brandt, and his deputy, Franz Amrehn; the views of the president of the Bundestag, Eugen Gerstenmaier; and the postponement of a decision on whether the meetings will resume until February 1961.


American-West German relations, Anglo-West German relations, diplomatic disputes, East German foreign policy, East German-West German relations, espionage, French-West German relations, German peace treaty, politicians, Soviet foreign policy, Soviet-West German relations, West Berlin, West German government, West German politics

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