Reference FO 371/152002
Title Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Shooting down of U2 Aircraft
Former Foreign Office Reference Code NS file 1381 (pp 82 to end)
The National Archives Closure Status File was closed for 30 years after creation, under the Public Records Act 1958.
Themes International Relations
Document Types Correspondence, Reports, Memoranda, Press and Media
Subject Countries Soviet Union
Countries Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States
People Gary Powers, Harold Macmillan, Jawaharlal Nehru, Patrick Reilly, Philip de Zulueta, Rudolf Abel, Thomas Brimelow
Key Events U-2 incident
Language Russian
Notes The following article has been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: The Times, 27 October 1960, 400-ton Soviet Hover Vessel.
Copyright Information
Article(s) from Daily Telegraph © Telegraph Media Group Limited.


A file containing documents relating to the downing of an American U-2 plane and the subsequent failure of the Paris summit. Subjects discussed in the file include Soviet press reports of alleged comments by Harold Macmillan, the British prime minister, condemning the U-2 incident; and the continuation of a proposed Anglo-Soviet exchange of aeronautical experts. Other subjects discussed in the file include the lack of information emerging from the Soviet Union about the trial and possible exchange of Gary Powers, the U-2 pilot; a Turkish reply to a Soviet protest note about the hosting of U-2 aircraft in Turkey; and incidents involving civil airliners in the Soviet Union. Documents in the file include a report that Powers' case had been transferred from the K.G.B. to the Soviet Supreme Court; a Soviet note concerning a diplomatic flight transiting British airspace; and discussion of the development of a 400-tonne Soviet hovercraft.


aerial reconnaissance, Aeroflot, air traffic control, aircraft, aircraft crashes, American press, American-Soviet relations, Anglo-American relations, Anglo-Soviet relations, attachés, civil aviation, deaths, East-West relations, Indian-Soviet relations, military bases, military displays, military exchanges, news agencies, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), politicians, Pravda, prisoner exchange, prisoners, receptions, Royal Air Force, Soviet Committee for State Security (K.G.B.), Soviet government, Soviet intelligence agencies, Soviet press, Soviet-Turkish relations, The Daily Telegraph, transportation, trials, United States Air Force

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