Reference FO 371/086759
Title Northern (N): Soviet Union (NS). Russia Committee: Papers Produced on Soviet Foreign Policy and Survey of Communism and Communist Propaganda
Former Foreign Office Reference Code NS file 1052 (papers 88-95)
The National Archives Closure Status File was closed for 30 years after creation, under the Public Records Act 1958.
Themes International Relations, Military, Media and Culture
Document Types Reports
Subject Countries Soviet Union
Countries Austria, Bulgaria, Burma, China, East Germany, Formosa, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaya, Persia, Poland, Roumania, Tibet, United Kingdom, Vietnam, West Germany, Yugoslavia
People Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai
Notes Documents in this file were retained under Section 3(4) of the Public Records Act 1958, but put back in place on October 22, 1993.


A file containing papers of the Russia Committee, consisting mainly of documents from ongoing series between September and November 1950. The series "Summary of Indications regarding Soviet Foreign Policy" contains analysis of the Korean War, suggesting initially that China would probably not intervene; analysis of the Chinese invasion of Tibet and eventual intervention in Korea; notes on the preparations for a Peace Congress in Sheffield, and a Soviet "peace campaign" directed at preventing the rearmament of West Germany; and Soviet and communist activities in the wider world. The series "Trends in Communist Propaganda" contains reports on the press and radio output of the Soviet Union, China and communist groups elsewhere, focusing mainly on the Soviet "peace offensive" and the Korean War. Also included is a paper on the Prague Conference and Soviet measures to prevent West German rearmament by manipulating French public opinion.


American-Chinese relations, Anglo-Chinese relations, B.B.C., Belgian press, borders, British Labour Party, British press, Chinese armed forces, Chinese government, Chinese press, Chinese-Tibetan relations, colonies, Communist Information Bureau (Cominform), communist parties, détente, disarmament, elections, ethnic minorities, French press, imperialism, infiltration, international conferences, international organisations, Iranian-Soviet relations, Italian press, journalists, military dispositions, nuclear weapons, party conferences, peace conferences, peaceful coexistence, Prague, Pravda, propaganda, public opinion, rearmament, revolts, Roman Catholic Church, Russia Committee, Soviet press, Soviet satellite states, Soviet-West German relations, threat of nuclear war, threat of war, trade, trade unions, United Nations, Việt Minh, World Federation of Trade Unions

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